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Blind Motorization

Automated blinds provide sophistication whilst assisting with energy efficiency, and can be incorporated into your Home Automation system.

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Verde Motors

Motorized blinds provide many benefits to your home and can easily be programmed into your home automation system. There are many iPad applications and automation systems out there that can allow for your blinds to be motorized and easily accessible, and to respond to different triggers or buttons.

Motorizing your blinds means that you can easily control light and heat in hard to reach places, or have settings that allow for you to close or open many blinds at once. You can even set them so that they automatically close when its night, or when its cold to keep heat in, and reduce heating costs. It can block the sunlight in summer and reduce air conditioning load. They assist with energy efficiency and will definitely add an element of style and sophistication to your home.

They are available in all types of blinds and fabrics to suit your needs, so speak to one of our friendly consultants who can help you choose the right motorized blind for your home. As Superior Windows D??cor Wholesalers are a wholesale manufacturer, we provide our very own motor systems for blinds. Verde Motors will look after all of your blind motorization needs and requirements at the best value price you will find anywhere.