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Austrian blinds are unique and decorative. This makes them perfect for homes and artistic office spaces. They are characterized by ample width and scalloped lower edges. The volume and fullness of fabric along the width determines the depth of the scalloped edge. Austrian blinds are available in 2 types of lengths. They can end just right above the window sill or reach the floor. At Superior Window Decor Wholesalers, we have Austrian blinds in various lengths and fabrics. We can even create a Customised set on request. Here is more on Austrian blinds and why ours are the best for you.

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Austrian Blinds have a lot of texture and volume. This gives them a unique sense of beauty. They can be scalloped around the middle or the bottom. This creates a 3-dimensional pattern. Depending on the print that is implemented, Austrian blinds can make a room cosier, add warmth or instil a sense of artistry. By having these blinds in specific colours, it becomes possible to complement the interior decor of your home or office in a vintage, classic way.

Design Variety

Many Traditional Austrian blinds share the signature scalloped texture along the middle or bottom. They can also have some print, fabric decorations and buttons. These features add character to the blinds. As such, they are a standard feature in many Period Homes. Austrians & Festoons are artistic by nature. This characteristic provides you with creative freedom.

Why Austrian blinds

Unique development

At Superior Window Decor Wholesalers, we have Australian Made Austrian blinds that are supremely versatile. Thanks to their unique design, they can perform as blinds or curtains. Our blinds have a special cord that is included in all Installations. You can pull it so as to create a billowing effect on the blinds. In this way, they can filter the light from a window or a sliding door in a shimmery, lovely way. They are also bordered with a Pelmet for durability

A variety of materials

Our Austrian blinds are available in many fabrics and colours. We even have some Made to Measure printed ones. Some popular fabrics are cotton, nylon, polyester, voile and gauze. We also have Austrian blinds in colours such as ivory, cream, white, gold, sky blue and pink among others. When buying our Austrian blinds, you can pick from a variety of finishes such as fringes, cords, flanges, beads and piping.

Affordable Cost

We provide Austrian blinds at pocket friendly prices in Melbourne. Our blinds are made entirely in-house. As such, we do not have any reseller or Manufacturer’s costs to pass on to the customer. You can even order a custom-made set of Austrian blinds that fits your budget! For Austrian blinds at a pocket-friendly price, look no further than Superior Window Decor Wholesalers!

Austrian blinds bring art, class and warmth to any room. At Superior Window Decor Wholesalers, we have a huge variety of Austrian blinds for you. They are available in a wide collection of colours, fabrics and prints. Visit our showroom or make a phone inquiry on 03 9364 2562 to get our products. You can also fill in a quotation form to get Free Quotes concerning our high-quality Austrian blinds!



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