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Motorised blinds provide homeowners with a convenient way of treating their windows. They save you the trouble of manually opening and closing the blinds every other time there is a need. Not only that, these blinds will help to make your home more energy efficient and reduce energy wastefulness. For anybody looking to remodel their homes, Australian made motorised blinds promise to be a worthy investment. Let us look at what makes them such a relevant accessory.

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Motorisation of indoor blinds allows you to raise or lower them remotely by simply pressing a button with the aid of a remote control, iPad, or smartphone. This means you’ll be able to regulate the amount of sunlight getting into your interior space without breaking a sweat. Whether you are still sleeping in bed or preparing a meal in the kitchen, you can always make sure that the blinds are either open or closed when the appropriate time comes. You can even set a schedule on your smartphone to remind you to do this at different times of the day.

Energy Saving

Electric blinds do a good job of making your home more energy efficient. These blinds can be smart connected to a smart home system so that they react independently to different external temperatures. This will reduce the usage of your HVAC system so that your heating bill is significantly reduced at the end of the month.

Protects your furniture

This blocks the scorching sun rays from getting to your belongings inside the house and helps to shield furnishings and upholstery from harmful UV rays. The atmosphere inside the house also remains at the optimal level of warmth and brightness, while reducing your dependency on artificial lighting. This not only reduces your electricity bill but also provides you with a lifestyle of peace, harmony, and tranquility.


Automated electric blinds can protect your property from a possible break-in or burglary when nobody is home. By setting a schedule to automatically open or close the blinds, it may fool the would-be intruder into thinking that there is someone inside the house. This can easily result in a failed attempt to rob your house of valuables and other personal belongings.


Motorised blinds also allow you to access privacy on demand. Sometimes, you may want to shut out a nosey neighbour or block street views into specific parts of your house on short notice. A simple touch of a button ensures that all shades are closed as required and helps you to preserve your privacy.

Motorisation improves the functionality of indoor and outdoor blinds so that you have a comfortable time in your living space. It will prove to be a relevant installation for your home, especially if you want to make your property more energy efficient. Visit us today at Superior Window Decor Wholesalers or call us for free quotes or answers to any queries you may have about our Melbourne made motorised blinds.



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