Fixed Guide Awnings

Fixed Guide Awnings

Fixed guide awnings are very effective outdoor window treatments that you can use on your traditional home. The blinds offer great protection from the sun for higher floors of a property. They are a great way to decorate your home from outside and come in a number of colours and patterns that you incorporate into the general theme of your home.

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External awnings are usually mounted onto the wall and when in a dropped position, enable the flow of air between the blind and the window. Because of their angled projection when installed, the sun’s glare is kept far from the façade of the window. This ensures the window can be opened without the sun getting to the internal spaces of your home. When retracted, the awning fabric is protected by a coated steel hood which comes in different colours that can be integrated into the home decor.


These blinds are called fixed" because they feature two guides on the side that are normally fixed into position and run down to the bottom of the rail. Meanwhile, the awning has two runners that go up and down the two guides. The blinds have a spring inside that is always working to lift up the blind, meaning the awnings have to be pulled and held down to remain in a closed position.

Fixed guide awnings offer the ideal solution for second-floor or any other higher windows that are not easily reachable. They provide complete external cover to windows on your property and ensure that harmful elements do not penetrate to the inside. Alternatively, they can also be applied in outdoor spaces like a patio, terrace, pergola, deck, etc.


When it comes to installations, the blinds can be set up in a way that you either operate them manually with a rope or through motorisation. In the rope operated blinds, there is a pulley in the middle of the blind connected to a rope that you can pull down or let up to open and close the blinds. The rope runs down the awning and underneath the window sill into your home. In other cases, the rope can run down the building so that it is supplied to the ground.

Generally, most people don’t like rope operated awnings. They tend to prefer the motorised options which are more convenient and comfortable to operate. With just the press of a button, the awnings will move smoothly up and down the guides, saving you the trouble of pulling the rope. You can also request customized awnings from the Melbourne manufacturer so that they are made to measure. These will fit your windows perfectly when installed but will also involve an extra cost.

Fixed awnings are extremely functional and low-cost options for outdoor blinds that will be ideal for windows on your property that aren’t easily accessible. If you are considering them for your property, calls us now at Superior Window Decor Wholesalers for free quotes, or visit us for more information on the best of Australian made awnings.



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