Cassette Blinds

Cassette Blinds

There are many ways you can add a touch of class to your window treatment. A good option is to install a new set of cassette blinds. These sleek and slim household accessories are great style enhancers and will help to elevate the aesthetics of your property. The cassette is fixed to the top of the blind, housing the operating mechanism in a discrete way.

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The concept behind these cassettes basically entails a roller blind featuring one roll of alternating fabrics that offers you complete light control and a two-in-one blind solution. When aligned, these parallel fabric strips result in a total blockout effect or translucent effect depending on your choice of fabric.


You can choose between open and closed cassettes, both of which come in a variety of colours. This allows you to coordinate and contrast your window blinds with the room decor. Open cassettes consist of a slim-line cassette profile, that covers the upper part of your roller blinds. These also feature a fabric strip that you can pair or match with another fabric profile for a stylish touch on the cassette.

On the other hand, a closed cassette system features a cassette profile which entirely encloses your blind’s fabric roll. This ensures that the blind roll is completely concealed from view and encased in the cassette. Just like in the open cassette system, there is a fabric strip that matches the blind fabric provided. This strip extends to the full width of the cassette, making for a stylish design that effortlessly blends together.


Applying a cassette to your window blinds allows you to make a style statement and simultaneously express your personality. This is especially true if you have a neutral colour for your blinds, say white or cream you can pair these with a darker shade of cassettes and finish the arrangement off with a complementing bottom bar. This will ensure that your window treatments stand out as a strong feature in the room.

There are many reasons why you’d want to install cassette blind installations on your Melbourne property. Their close proximity to the window glass gives them unparalleled heat-saving properties, as well as thermal blockout during summer. The cassette system is also fully integrated into the window, allowing for full operation of the window when the blind is lowered.

These blinds are especially suitable for patio or pergola doors, as well as tilt and turn windows. They have a high blockout effect, it can go up to 95% for total privacy. This is far higher than the 50-60% you’ll get from standard roller blinds, which makes cassette blinds the ideal solution for bedrooms, south-facing rooms, and other spaces that require high levels of privacy.

These blinds are all made in Australia, ensuring that you can request customized designs from the manufacturer with no hassles. Your order will be made to measure and fit your windows perfectly when installed. The cassettes can be used on both residential and commercial properties, allowing for a wide range of applications.

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