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If you have just finished remodelling your home and you are considering making changes to your interior decor, you might want to choose from a selection of stylish curtains and drapes for this. These window treatments help to add flavour to your home and make it more appealing to be in. But given the endless design of curtains, we offer you at Superior Window Decor Wholesalers, finding a design that is ideal for your space may require a little due diligence. The following considerations will assist you to get the ideal curtains and drapes for your Melbourne property.

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If you’ve decided to buy curtains for your home, consider the mood of the space you are going to hang them to help you choose the proper texture. For any formal space, heavy silk or velvet would be a great option. More practical options could be cotton sateen or silky rayon blends. However, if you are looking for something casual, there are crinkly crushed velvet and billowy linen options of drapes that you can find. Wool and wool blends match effortlessly with any kind of decor and bring a neat and crisp feel, the same way cotton does.


The colour of curtains you choose should also blend in well with the colour schemes in your home. To simplify this, you can try picking curtains with the same colour tone as the wall by a couple of shades darker. Alternatively, select a non-dominant passive colour that may feature on the rug in your room. Meanwhile, a bold colour will be the highlight of the room if you are trying to add a “wow” factor. You should also bear in mind that in a space where the sun rays shine through unlined drapes, the colour usually infuses the room.

Prints and patterns

The rule of thumb is that if your furniture or rugs are patterned with elaborate prints, stick with the solid curtain designs. Conversely, if you own solid-colour bedding and furniture, go for patterned curtains. For an easy-going vibe of style and energy, choose small and neutral prints such as paisley or dots. This will have a subtle effect on the decor of the room. Large and graphic prints with a colour shade that relates to what is already in the existing decor may seem daring but if you have an eye for interior design, you can pull it off nicely.

There are various types of curtains that you’ll see in our showroom. They have a simple and casual design that is ideal for lightweight fabrics. Sheer curtains allow light to filter through and offer little privacy. For total privacy, blockout curtains will ensure that prying eyes don’t stand a chance of seeing what’s happening inside. Meanwhile, pleated drapes offer you a classic look with the pleated design. There are so many more exciting choices of curtains that you can use to furnish your home, including theatre room curtains and decorative soft Romans. And if it fancies, you can order custom drapes to specifically suit your interior space.

Finding the right colour, texture, and design of curtains and drapes will bring elegance to your home. Call Superior Window Decor Wholesalers now for free quotations or book an appointment with us for better insight into our Australian made window treatments.



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