Wire Guide Awnings

Wire Guide Awnings

Wire guide awnings are a functional and simple outdoor window treatment option for a number of outdoor spaces. These awnings are traditional straight drop blinds that are guided by wires to keep the material stiff and in position.

The wonderful outdoor treatments offer homeowners elegance and simplicity when it comes to providing privacy, shade, and protection from harmful elements when you want to spend some time in the outdoor living spaces.

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A cable awning features a slim and practical design that makes it suitable for installation on areas such as a balcony, verandah, deck, patio, alfresco areas, pergola, and other relevant external living areas. They are the ideal solution for treating your outdoor spaces. The good thing is that whatever the style, shape, or size you are looking for, you can always ask the manufacturer to help you find the perfect fit for your property.

At Superior Window Decor Wholesalers, you’ll find high-quality fabrics for your wire guide awnings. These have a nice aesthetic effect and are strong enough to withstand rain, wind, salt spray and other elements that commonly affect outdoor installations in Melbourne.


The awnings we provide you with are made from top-grade and low-corrosive fabrics that will prevent rust and pitting. Our goal is to offer our clients functional and high-quality accessories that will diligently serve them for the long haul.

This awning can also be used to extend your external living areas. For instance, in summer, the awnings can be dropped to limit the sun’s glare and heat, as well as harmful UV rays so that your time outside is more comfortable. If you are a fan of spending time outside, the stainless steel guide awning is just the kind of blind you want installed to enjoy the outdoors in any type of weather.

These awnings are supplied with a top roller that rolls up the canvas. The bottom bar is linked to two steel tension wire guides that enable the canvas to move up and down along these wire guides.

Operation of the awnings can be in the form of a crank handle awning, with crank handles for the ground floor or winch operation for internal control. Alternatively, you can go with a motorised operation which is more convenient and less stressful than the other two.


Wire guide awnings will transform the look of your property and take it to the next level. These amazing accessories come in charming colours and designs that can be used to establish the theme of your home. You can also request customized awnings that are made to measure and come ready for a smooth installation.

Australian made wire guide awnings are also great for protecting your furniture and upholstery inside the house from UV rays. They will also make your home more energy efficient by regulating the temperatures inside and ensuring that the HVAC system does not overwork.

Superior Window Decor Wholesalers has all the different types of awnings and blinds you are planning to install on your property. Call us now to get a free quote or fill in the form on our website to get all your questions answered.



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