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Panel blinds are elegant and provide ample utility in your home. They can cover sliding doors, large windows and also act as room dividers. Panel blinds are made of a special fabric that slides along a track. They provide a unique way of controlling the light that enters a room. They can also be used for indoor partitioning. As such, Panel Glides are highly versatile.

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Here is more about Panel Glide Blinds and why you should buy some from us.


Panel blinds are elegant. You can get them in any colour that you want for example lavender, ivory, peach and vermilion among others. They range in size from 400mm to 1500mm. Also, the track can be up to 6000mm wide. These blinds are made of plush fabric. Some examples of these fabrics include:

Translucent Fabric, Blockout Fabric

These blinds are usually installed along a track. In most Installations, the track is situated right above the window frame or along with ceiling of a room. Sliding panel blinds are opened or closed using a special wand. It can be pushed or pulled along the track. Modern panel blinds are even opened and closed electronically!

The Panel Glide Blinds are bordered using pelmets. These features can be designed such that they contrast with the fabric or match its colour. Interestingly, panel blinds can slide to the left, right, centre or open towards both sides from the centre depending on the Manufacturer.

Durable and Versatile

Our Australian Made Panel Track Blinds are built to last. The tracks are made of stainless steel. The material is also used for the pelmets. This ensures that your panel blinds are resilient against any adverse conditions which could occur indoors or outdoors.

You can install our panel blinds at the windows to control the light which enters a room. You can also use them as Indoor partitions. They also function as Outdoor decorations. In this way, our panel blinds are versatile and provide an ideal solution at a pocket friendly cost.


We can set up the panel blinds to operate manually or electronically depending on your preference. This allows you to interact with them in a way that suits your lifestyle. If you are a hands-on person, the manual, smooth-shifting wand is ideal. On the other hand, if you are technologically inclined, we can install an electronic system to open or close the blinds for you.

At Superior Window Decor Wholesalers, we have a huge variety of fabrics for panel blinds. They are also available in a wide range of colours. You are therefore free to pick any plain colours which matches or complements the interior decor of your home or office. We can develop Customised panel blinds in Melbourne on request. Through this Made To Measure service, you can add some Textures or patterns to the blinds so as to improve the decor of your home. You can also add some branding for corporate uniformity. We provide this service for you. You can choose any design you want

Panel blinds are beautiful and ideal for the home or the office. You can buy a fantastic set from us. We provide these blinds in many different colours, fabrics and textures. Visit our website or make a phone enquiry. You can also get in touch with us through our online quotation form. At Superior Window Decor Wholesalers, we deliver high quality panel blinds at an affordable price!



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