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If you are considering a unique approach to adding style and beauty to your space, installing timber Venetians can be a viable option. Wooden blinds have actually been around for a while and have been used to control light and improve privacy. However, there are more contemporary designs that have made them more functional and fashionable to suit modern interior spaces. At Superior Window Decor Wholesalers, we use a diverse range of materials that result in classic and elegant looking Australian made timber Venetian blinds.

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There are endless styles and colours of timber Venetians that you can select to match the design needs of your home or office. These amazing window treatments offer a number of benefits that will transform the outlook of your interior space. We have a nice selection of timber style blinds such as the Western Red Cedar that can help transform your overall decor. These come in exciting colour-coordinated shades that you can easily blend into your decor. The blinds are durable and coated with antistatic polymers to give them a silky smooth finish. They are also shielded from UV rays to keep them from fading, cracking, or warping over time.


Furthermore, our wooden blinds are an environmentally sound option for your window treatments. This will be a convenient way of cooling a room without spending too much. Wooden Venetians offer a certain level of insulation that limits the usage of your HVAC system. And aside from reducing your cooling bill, they are low maintenance and require very little effort to keep them in top shape. All you need to do is dust them appropriately a couple of times in a week to keep them looking clean and shiny. Blinds made from natural timber are especially quite simple to manage, thanks to the porous material which ages gracefully.


Timber Venetian blinds will give you an easy time when you have to install them. These relevant window accessories come with insulation properties that will keep your inside temperatures cool during summer and warmer in winter. They also block out noise that's coming from outside to ensure that you operate in a quiet and undisturbed environment. Let’s not forget the high levels of privacy they will offer you. The fact that they are opaque means prying eyes from outside will have no chance of seeing inside the house.

Our Timber Venetians are made to order will look exquisite in any space they are applied to your Melbourne home. They offer a unique sense of comfort and ambience that you won’t find in other window treatment options. Not to mention that they are durable, cost-effective, and offer the required level of privacy. All this is enough reason for you to consider installing timber Venetians on your next remodelling project. Make sure you give us a call at Superior Window Decor Wholesalers or fill in the form for information on the best selection of Australian made wooden blinds.



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