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Roman blinds have been used to decorate indoor spaces for ages. Despite being around for a long while, they have managed to remain relevant and popular among homeowners. They offer a cost-effective, yet a delightful option for improving the look of your home. Given the countless types of blinds available today, a number of considerations have to be made to find the perfect indoor blinds for your house. The following factors will prove to be crucial in your search for the ideal Roman blinds in Melbourne.

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Consider the decor of your space

You should always consider the decor of the room you are thinking of fitting the blinds before making the purchase. Every room has a unique style, theme, and colour scheme that should blend in effortlessly with the choice of blinds you are about to acquire. You also want to keep in mind how much longer you want to maintain the existing theme in the room and if there is any possibility of changing it. The ultimate choice you make should match the colours and patterns on the walls, rugs, furnishings, and other decorative accessories in the house.

Choose the right material

Interior blinds come in a variety of materials that would be suitable in distinct situations. For instance, in areas where there is too much heat, you might want to consider aluminium shutters or panel glides manufactured from fabric with a reflective backing. If you are fitting the blinds in wet zones such as kitchens and bathrooms, consider choices like roller blinds, faux timber venetians, and vertical blinds. Any installations that involve actual timber venetians may not work for wet spaces.

Think about your window

The role your window plays should be another factor that determines your choice of blinds. Different blinds use different mechanisms to open and close. You might want to ask yourself whether you want manually operated Roman blinds or mechanized shades.

Light and Privacy

How much light do you want getting into your space and what level of privacy do you want in that particular room? Private areas such as the bedroom will do well with blockout Roman blinds. On the other hand, spaces like the living room require sufficient illumination that may be offered by see-through blinds. Living rooms may also necessitate more elegant choices of blinds since this is where guests are hosted and people spend the most time.


If you have small children and pets running around the house, choose window treatments that don’t have any dangling cords and rails. These could be hazardous and pose the risk of injuries. If you can afford motorised options, you’d be better off selecting these.


Cleaning is another critical feature since you want to keep your blinds looking spotless at all times. Some blinds have sensitive fabrics that will need professional cleaning procedures to wash. If you are not ready to start incurring such a cost, go for blinds that you can clean on your own.

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