Crank Operated Blinds

Crank-Operated Blinds

Crank-operated blinds can be applied to a variety of spaces and situations. They are commonly used in a back verandah where the homeowner may have a large alfresco area. These outdoor window treatments have a charming effect on the decor of your room and can be installed on both residential and commercial spaces.

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Crank handle awnings are usually mounted onto a main beam either side of the window there are no tracks or guides so the crank system allows you to wind the fabric up and down using a crank handle. Since there is no spring on the blind and it is not under tension, it stops once you stop winding the crank.

This crank system is most suitable for people who find it hard to use large awnings because operating the blind with a crank makes the process a lot easier. Crank handle awnings are also useful in tight areas where you need your blinds to remain very close to the wall or window.

The crank-operated straight drop blinds are very versatile window treatments that are ideal for high wind areas like Melbourne. They can be manufactured up to a width of 5 meters and drop down to 3 meters. You don’t have to worry about the installations, they will carefully be done by your local manufacturer when you decide to purchase them.


These blinds make use of strong and durable fabric that will absorb solar energy before it gets to your indoor spaces. The external shades greatly limit heat gain inside, thanks to their ability to absorb, reflect, and re-emit as much as 95% of the total sun radiance. This means only 5% of the heat is allowed to your internal spaces, keeping them cool and inhabitable.

These factors are, however, dependent upon the weather conditions, as well as the colour and type of fabric you’ve selected. You can roll up these blinds to let in maximum heat and light during the cold and dull days. In harsh weather conditions that are not new to Melbourne, these outdoor shading devices may just be what you need to stay warmer in the cold months and cooler in summer.


Crank handle awnings offer a variety of benefits! They are beautiful, resistant to fading, and easy to operate. Furthermore, they can be customized to match the decor of your space. These treatments are all made in Australia, allowing you to go with your window dimensions to the local manufacturer for made to measure designs. These blinds will serve you for years while maintaining an efficient operation all the time.

Crank-operated blinds are versatile accessories that can be used to cover a patio, verandah, balcony, and any other wide spaces that the traditional blind wouldn’t be able to. Superior Window Decor Wholesalers provides you with a wide variety of these exciting blinds that you can conveniently use to improve the outlook of your property. Call us now to get free quotes and enquire about our products or fill our online form for any information you may want.



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