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Screen blinds are a functional way of reducing the extreme heat and light experienced in the summer months. They serve to reduce the sun’s glare when it gets too much to cope with. The materials used to manufacture sunscreens are durable, stable, and feature sun blocking properties that help to keep the interior of your home inhabitable. These amazing window treatments will also come in handy for other outdoor spaces like the balcony, patio, or porch.

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Screen blinds are installed either as fixed panels or screen roller blinds to fit in windows and other open spaces. They are made using polyester or coated with fibreglass, which makes them sturdy and long lasting. You will find them in a wide range of exciting colours that you can blend in nicely to the exterior colour themes of your property. Generally, the fabrics used are categorized into light fabrics, dark fabrics, and high-performance fabrics.


The screen fabrics used in these blinds offer full protection from the sun's glare and heat penetration without compromising your view. However, they are not totally see-through. Screen blinds are designed in a kind of way that provides ultimate UV protection while allowing some light to filter through. You can’t also see through the screen from outside, and this should guarantee that your privacy is preserved when the covers have been closed. A lighter shaded screen offers you more privacy whereas a darker shade offers you a better view of the outdoors.

Sunscreens contain a certain PVC coating. These are woven in a special way to enable light penetration while absorbing the heat. Heat transfer is significantly reduced through the windows by limiting heat increase inside the room and shutting off harmful UV rays. This makes them such an ideal feature to install in patios or even bi-fold doors.


If you want to get the most out of your newly acquired solar screen, it is imperative that you use them in the best-suited locations for this design of window treatment. Any room in your house that experiences lots of sunshine would be the best option for such blinds. Many property owners choose to install solar shades on windows facing southwards because they receive most sunshine and light for the better part of the day. These blinds will also create much-needed privacy when applied in bathroom windows and may as well be used in large living rooms where outside views are needed. You can use solar screens on practically any type of window, including sliding doors and French doors.

Installing screen blinds is a great idea that will not only have an aesthetic appeal on your home but also make it more comfortable to be in and improve privacy. For free quotes, visit us online at Superior Window Decor Wholesalers and sample the best of Australian made blinds. All our products are made on site in Melbourne to perfectly suit your preferences!



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